Valeen can provide advice/guidance for you on the following:

  • Tarot Advice/Questions
  • Questions or Guidance about a Particular Topic (Love, Money, Career, etc )
  • Cartomancy Questions (NAS Loved Ones Thoughts)
  • Astrology Questions (Compatibility with a love one, etc.)
  • Spiritual Advice or Guidance
  • Problem-Solving
  • Guidance in Love Matters
  • General Questions

If there is something you would like to discuss, not mentioned above,Contact Valeen
Please indicate the topic you wish to discuss.

Live Readings range from .29.98 to 39.98 per 30 minute  Depending on what reading
and add-ons you chose. Valeen does offer weekend consultations but a *appointment
is required.

Valeen offers the following minutes for discussions:

  • 30 Minutes
  • 60 Minutes

Valeen's hours of availability is Monday through Fridays from 10am -10pm  
Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 6pm  --- USA -- Eastern Standard Time (EST)

For those who want to learn Tarot Click Here.

To Order a Live Reading
Click Here in the message, put 3 dates and times you'd like
your reading. Valeen will do her best to accommodate your request time.
With Real-Time LIVE Consultations there are NO long-distance charges.

Plus, no need to keep the phone next to you ear for 15-60 minutes!!  This is hassle free. No downloads required
and easy to use.

MT offers real-time LIVE Consultation. One of the fastest and easiest way to communicate. It's all done on your
computer. So you can relax and not have to stand or wait for a phone call. Real-Time is instantaneous!

You'll receive LIVE guidance or advice instead of via email or by phone. Most others sites offer this but MT offer
LIVE Consultations, very much like a phone call but without holding the phone to your ear for 15-60 minutes, as
MT mentioned above. The consultation is private and secured so feel free to discuss what's on your mind.

Afterwards, Valeen will send you the complete conversation via email within 24 hour that you can print and put in a
notebook. For those who have a private web page Valeen can save your consultation on your private website.
During consultation please advise if you'd like your consultation sent email or on your private website.

Valeen's testimonials
and years of repeated
clients since 2006 has
made her is
internationally known
intuitive tarot reader
and psychic with over
25 years of experience
helping people in
business, relationships
and life matters.

Her readings and live
consultations are
delivered with warmth
and compassion.

She is genuine, honest
and extremely gifted.

See her
for more clarification
on the above.
About Valeen

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